We deliver your brand-new logo in various formats, ready to be used with web and print media

Graphics Design Services

Banner design

Our experience in all Internet design matters makes us the supplier for effective web banners. We design with maximum click rates in mind, guaranteeing you the highest possible earnings at all times. Naturally, we will also integrate your existing corporate identity and our design flair to really draw the the eye and give you the best possible results.

Catalogue design

Catalogues can be highly effective marketing tools as they provide a quick and simple overview of your company’s services or products. We can design stylish, functional catalogues that befit your business and convey a professional image. We cover both digital and print formats, giving you flexibility in your final application options.

Flyer design

Do you need to do a large-volume flyer drop? logominds can provide what you’re looking for. Eye-catching, low-cost designs are the name of the game here, and we can call upon our vast experience to maximise the success of your campaign.

Template design

It is crucial that you take a holistic approach when it comes to your corporate identity. This means that all aspects – be it correspondence, business cards or press releases are consistent in their design and form. This is the only way to guarantee a professional, sophisticated look. Get in touch and let logominds take on the challenge of successfully dovetailing your various identity components.

Icon design

Our Web services aren’t limited to just the Internet pages themselves – we also design tailored icons that match your offer exactly and incorporate our proven design flair. We work with a wide range of businesses and can call on our expert team to devise the optimal solution for you.

Advertising material

Regardless of the form or content, logominds is the expert when it comes to creative and innovative advertising measures. Let us put our design skills to the test and come up with high-impact, cost-effective and customer-specific designs for you.

Promotional material

Promotional materials are part and parcel of participation in events, whatever they may be and whomever they may be targeting. All too often this material is treated as an afterthought, resulting in dull, uninspiring designs. Not so with logominds. We create an outstanding promotional design that really conveys the exact message you want in an eye-catching, memorable form.

Packaging label design

A product label is an often overlooked, but nevertheless important component of the overall design. It too needs to be striking and functional if your product stands any chance of being selected by the customer. We will collaborate with you to ensure your packaging labels are effective, stylish and help drive up sales.

Packaging cover design

In the cut-throat world of retail marketing, it is crucial that your product immediately makes a good impression. For this, it needs to stand out and really catch the customer’s eye. But that’s not all – if you have an existing brand identity the design must also match and be consistent. This is one of logominds’ areas of expertise. Whether you need a brand new packaging cover design from the ground up or need an existing design adapted to dovetail with the rest of your corporate identity, logominds has a dedicated team on hand. They will create a stylish design that draws the eye and help make sure that your product, and not a competitor’s, is ultimately bought.

Graphic editing & digitisation

Do you have an existing graphic that you need tweaked or updated, or even just converted into digital form so that you can work with it effectively? logominds is the right partner for you. We can manipulate and edit graphics to your specific requirements to deliver the results that you need.

Photo editing and repair

Sometimes a picture is good, but not quite perfect. Sometimes a little editing is required for a picture to truly have the ‘wow’ factor. We can edit photographs as required to leave you with an outstanding final image that really impresses.

But sometimes you have an image that just needs repairing, not editing. Perhaps, over time, it’s become a little neglected and needs a little TLC to restore its original brilliance. logominds are specialists in repairing and improving existing photographs, Web images and high-resolution pictures.


When it comes to literature of any kind, illustrations are often a key step in allowing the reader to visualise what is happening. Our design team would be only to happy to let their creative juices flow and create stunning, impressive illustrations for you. Regardless of the genre – from romance to comedy right through to thriller – or the form (digital or print), our artists can apply their technical design skills to your literature to provide the perfect finish.

Textile print design

But don’t think that our services stop there. We are also highly adept at transforming textile motifs into striking designs. Whether it be embroidery, furnishings or upholstery, we are able to apply our design and creative skills to ensure your textiles really look the part.

E-book design and software box graphics

You may already be familiar with e-book design software programs as there is a wide range of do-it-yourself programs available. But do you really want to risk losing out on the expertise and experience that only professionals can offer? Formatting, design, graphics – logominds can take care of the entire package from the manuscript to the final product, and help to ensure that your book sits high on the best-seller lists.

Flash headers

When it comes to Internet advertising, flash headers are often a highly effective method of drawing attention. We are highly experienced in creating eye-catching animations that help to boost traffic. However, we take care not to overload our designs with processor-intensive graphics that could slow down your viewer’s computer, as this would ultimately work against you. The logominds team is highly adept at balancing out the various aspects that must be considered, in order to ensure you get maximum results.

Poster/sign design

They key word when it comes to posters or signs is memorability. They have to stick in the audience’s mind and so contribute to the customer ultimately deciding to buy. We at logominds are specialists in creating high-impact designs that make a strong impression and effectively convey your message. Our clients come from a range of sectors; tailoring our designs to your specific needs is a matter of course.

Greetings/postcard design

Greetings and postcards demand a real way with words and true creative flair to make the right impact. Our team of designers have a wealth of expertise in designing outstanding greetings or postcards. So be it humorous, formal or for a specific occasion, logominds can come up with the goods. We would be only too happy to let our creative juices flow, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

E-greetings/e-card design

Electronic greetings and e-cards are increasing in popularity nowadays. Their popularity lies in the ease with which they can be created and their ability to incorporate an interactive element. logominds can help make sure that you are right at the forefront of this development. This field is one of logominds’ areas of expertise, so why not get in touch and let us develop catchy and memorable e-greetings and e-cards for you?

Animation & presentation

Animations are a highly effective way of drawing the attention and conveying a specific message. Audio, video, images and interactive elements all combine to create an effective and memorable animation that stands out. Perhaps your training programmes need an animated element, or your sales and marketing departments want an animated product demo? No problem. We can devise first-rate animations and presentations for you and deliver in CD format or as required.

Book/magazine cover design

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but nevertheless that’s often the case! So you need an attractive and high-impact cover design that will really draw the eye and help make your book a runaway success. logominds can work with you to create and perfect the design.

Background images/picture design

The team and logominds are highly adept at creating stylish and innovative background images or pictures that set the right tone, whatever the application. We are experts in providing ground-breaking designs that don’t cost the Earth. So get in touch now and see what we can do for you.

Wedding invitation card design

A wedding is perhaps the most special of all the special occasions, meaning that it’s even more important that each and every aspect of the big day, however small, excels in every way. We can design creative wedding invitations that are truly unique to you and reflect your personal style, lending that extra special touch to your day.

We are always looking for ways in which we can expand our services to meet your needs. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you require a service that isn’t listed – we will do our very best to make sure we provide outstanding results that truly deliver.

Should you choose us, we would be more than glad to supplement our logo design services with any or more of the above services. The insights that we gain with regard to your business and needs as part of the logo design process will make it all the more easier for us to tailor our services to your needs – ultimately resulting in the best possible results for you.

logominds is the specialist when it comes to design services – so get in touch with us now.

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