We deliver your brand-new logo in various formats, ready to be used with web and print media

Logo repair

Picture the scenario: your company already has a logo but, for whatever reason, it doesn’t quite work for you. Somehow it just doesn’t offer a perfect fit with the company. Sound familiar?

So what do you do? Scrap the logo design altogether and start afresh? This is certainly one option and, although a relatively large task, we would be more than happy to provide this service for you if you decide that this is the best solution for your business.

But maybe this is going too far. Maybe the fundamentals of the design are fine, and all your logo needs is a face lift; some tweaks here and there. It needs repairing, not replacing.

logominds can help here. We will analyse your current logo concept and see where improvements and amendments can be made; what works and what doesn’t, to make sure your logo works for you.

The scope of the changes may vary greatly: in some cases all that may be required is a revamp of the colour scheme or some minor changes to the actual design itself, whilst still leaving the overall design intact. In others, a more extensive overhaul may be called for where the design is reworked more thoroughly. Whatever work is required, logominds’ expertise and experience makes us the right partner for you.

It may also be the case that your logo design is essentially fine, but you want it tweaked for other reasons – perhaps you simply need to have the files in a format that allows you to follow a specific advertising path.

Whatever the reason may be, logominds can repair your logo concepts as necessary and provide the appropriate files to maximise the effectiveness of your corporate identity.
So why put up with a less-than-perfect logo? Why tolerate something that you know isn’t quite right? With just a few small changes you could have a logo that truly befits your company and conveys the best possible image to your customers and business partners. Get in touch with us now and experience for yourself the effect just a few changes can have.