We deliver your brand-new logo in various formats, ready to be used with web and print media

Logo design formats

We will revise and edit your logo as necessary to achieve the ideal design for you. Once finalised to your full satisfaction, we will deliver your design in a range of formats to enable maximum compatibility with the print and online media forms you wish to use.

We appreciate that your logo is an integral part of your corporate identity and so is likely to be used in a number of different locations and forms. Our delivery formats therefore include both vector and bitmap, giving you outstanding flexibility in your application options. This means you can, for example, easily integrate the designs into print media, software applications or online applications as desired.

As part of the delivery, logominds will provide the following:

  1. tiff file (high-resolution printing)
  2. jpg file (minimum of 3 sizes)
  3. psd file (Photoshop source file)
  4. eps file (complete vector source with all graphic elements divided on layers)
  5. high-resolution grey-scale file (for trademark registration)

Your complete satisfaction with our designs is our number one aim, so we will endeavour to provide any other formats not listed here that you may require. Simply contact us and speak with one of the team.