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Animated logos

It’s easy to see why animated logos have become so popular nowadays. Relatively straightforward to create and yet highly effective, they have become an indispensable part of the advertising arsenal used by an ever-increasing number of companies.

To describe animated logos as merely animated versions of a corporate logo would be to do them a disservice. They represent a more appealing and eye-catching way of incorporating your corporate logo into online advertising measures and help to give your company an edge over the competition, particularly given the multitude of advertising on the Internet. First impressions count when fighting to gain new customers, and animated logos can help to convey a professional, sophisticated image.

We use Adobe Flash player when designing animated logos, which gives us the flexibility we need to design the ideal animation for you. logominds has a dedicated group of designers at its disposal who work in this field. Their expertise makes it possible for us to deliver outstanding, high-quality designs in a short space of time.