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After the huge demand for an affiliate program for Logominds.com products we have decided to launch a complete affiliate program, where affiliates will be referring clients to our website and get rewarded with a great commission for their services.

Key features

  • High commission , levelled rewards . Start high and end up much higher!
  • State of the art tracking software giving you complete overview of your sales.
  • Flexible payment limits and options. Use paypal or wire transfer. We are also considering other options for payments for India and other Asian countries
  • Affiliates from all countries are eligible, including USA, China and India.
  • Paid in EURO which is of much greater value than USD.
  • Very flexible marketing strategies for affiliates. We don’t endorse spam but will allow all legitimate marketing strategies.

Please note that for starters there are limited affiliate slots available and they will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

In order to get notified on the launch our affiliate service please subscribe to the following mailing list (powered by mailchimp, so spamming is out of question)

Logominds’ designs can help to boost turnover

In simple terms: each and every one of our striking, highly effective and innovative designs helps to bring about your commercial success. Purchasing a logominds logo design ultimately means making an active contribution to ensuring your business goes from strength to strength.


But there’s another way to boost profits…

It’s not just the contribution made by our logo designs that can work wonders for your business. We also offer the opportunity to work with us as a logo reseller. This is the perfect way for you to pass on our outstanding, proven design services to others.


So how do I do it?

It’s very straightforward: all you need to do is sell logo designs and concepts to customers. There is no obligation to make any reference to us at all; you can act as a standalone agent. We stay behind the scenes as it were here, designing the logos that you sell and that your customers will appreciate and enjoy.
To take advantage of this superb offer, simply inform us of your desire to act as a logo reseller and in particular your expected turnover. This will allow us to offer you special discounts on our standard logo prices.

Based on these discounted prices, you then need to decide how much you want to charge your customers – and the difference between these two goes straight into your pocket. You are the sole point of contact and for the customer, who never gets to know the margins you are working with. As far as they are concerned, you are the supplier of the logos which means you can take all the credit!

If you need online support, logominds can help here too, ensuring you get the right assistance for you. If you really want, you can even take the concept one step further and use resellers of your own for maximum profits!


What’s the secret behind the success?

It all comes down to our rates. We have the necessary resources to handle large volumes and are therefore in a position to offer the associated low rates. We pass these on to our resellers, who in turn benefit as their profits are boosted. The only thing you need to worry about is your own sales to your customers; you can leave the rest to us.

The attractiveness of this opportunity only increases further if you consider the potential market for such a service. Online retail is one of the most successful areas of business, and what’s the one thing that all online businesses need, be they large or small and regardless of what sector they are working in? That’s right – outstanding logos. Hundreds of start-ups launch every week, meaning you have a fantastic opportunity here.

Just think: you could have all the benefits of superb logos without any of the hassle. The time and effort – involved in research, brainstorming, designing and editing are all taken care of, leaving you free to maximise your sales or to work on other projects. Maximum gain for minimal effort it doesn’t get any better than that.


Stop for a moment and consider how it could work

1.) A customer needs a new logo design and commissions you to provide it.
2.) You provide your partner logo design company with the necessary information.
3.) They then do all the legwork and deliver fantastic designs to you, which you can then present to your customer.

Is the penny beginning to drop yet? It really is incredibly straightforward to make substantial profits with very little effort. logominds does the hard work backstage whilst you can get on with the other things in your life, content in the knowledge that your profits are constantly increasing.

You probably already know this, but designing a professional custom logo is no easy task. The amount of time it takes to research and come up with a powerful logo design is very time consuming. Especially when you already have other design & development work sitting on the table and your client is now requesting revisions. Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If you could outsource this work to a reliable partner and still turn in a hefty profit?


Just Think About It For a Minute…

1.) Your customer requests a logo design.
2.) You send over the details to your logo design partner
3.) Within a couple of days, you are delivered some outstanding concepts to show your customer

Are you beginning to see how this could make your life easier? How this could free up your time to focus on other areas of your business?… and still allow you to turn a big profit by offering custom logo design services – hands off!


Who can be a reseller?

Anyone! That’s the beauty of the concept – it’s so versatile and can offer everyone the chance to earn good money. Just find the customers and accept the payment from them – we do everything else. As we mentioned before, it’s maximum gain for minimal effort, so it’s a win-win!

Working part-time as a logo reseller is one particularly effective way of reaping the rewards. It is therefore an ideal opportunity for parents who are working from home, students or anyone else with some spare time and the desire to earn money.

If you are already involved in the graphics industry, then you have an even greater potential to earn money. logominds’ logo reseller opportunity is the perfect way to meet your demand and make good profits when doing so. This also means that it is possible to accept commissions what might otherwise be out of your reach because you don’t have the time or ability to meet the requirements. Consider us a low-cost yet highly effective extension to your business and you’ll soon understand the potential the logo reseller offer can provide.

Likewise, those already active in the Internet industry also have a plethora of opportunities at their feet with the logo reseller concept. This is particularly true in light of the fact that start-ups will almost always require a website, which in turn will require a logo. If you already have a foot in the door here then, together with the reseller concept, you stand a very good chance of earning some serious money.

You need only ask our current reseller team for confirmation of the benefits that the concept can offer. It’s so easy to start working with us, so what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us now and see just how much money you could earn!


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